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U.S. News
U.S. battle over gay marriage shifts to Maine
Peanut butter being recalled in Salmonella outbreak
Judge clears way for Bloomberg to run again in NY
Sexually transmitted disease rates soar: CDC
NY Attorney General launches Madoff investigation
International News
Israeli forces squeeze Gaza
61 ex-Guantanamo inmates return to terrorism
Worried EU states to fly to Moscow over gas row
U.S. says Iran still a "malign influence" in Iraq
Italy rabbis pull out of dialogue, accuse Pope
Starbucks brews growth in China
Starbucks has not yet seen any impact from the global economic slowdown on its business in China, even as it closes stores in other markets racked by recession, it says. Full Article
The Great Debate
Gas crisis spurs energy policy
The cut-off of Russian gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine highlighted how little progress the 27-nation EU has made in connecting national energy networks and diversifying supplies since the first such crisis three years ago. Full Article

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